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Rhea and Phoebe - SD Card Reader for the Sega Saturn

Coury takes a look at the Rhea and Phoebe, a device that replaces the optical drive of your Sega Saturn with a SD card reader.

Featured Games (in order of appearance)

  • Space Harrier

  • Darius Gaiden (on the TV)

  • Fighting Vipers

  • Elevator Action Returns

  • DonPachi

  • Panzer Dragoon

  • Cotton 2

  • Hyper Duel

  • Blast Wind

  • Thunder Force V

  • Panzer Dragoon II Zwei

  • Virtua Fighter 2

  • Daytona USA

  • In the Hunt

  • NiGHTS

  • Shinobi Legions

  • D

  • Vampire Savior

  • Street Fighter Zero 3

  • Lunar Silver Star Story

  • Darius Gaiden

  • Policenauts

  • Shining Force III Scenario II

  • Capcom Generation 4: Mercs

  • Burning Rangers

  • Albert Odyssey

  • Galactic Attack


I was able to use a lot of unused recordings form RGB 209 for this episode, which was very convenient.

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