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Cyan and Myst - Series Memories with Rand Miller

Try had a chance to visit Cyan to get an early look at their Kickstarter-funded Obduction, as well as share memories of Myst, Riven, and the rest of the series, with co-founder Rand Miller.


  • Took much longer to write than a normal episode due to writing around interview sound bites

  • Try played Myst V for the first time for this episode

  • FMV footage from Myst is from the PS1 version - Try was getting a glitch with the PC version where FMVs would not play

  • The Obduction clip of the house was given to us to premiere before they shared it with a Kickstarter update

  • The full interview was over an hour, and an uncut version is available for Patreon supporters

  • Try pulled an all-nighter finishing this episode

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