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8-bit and 16-bit First Level Music - Our Top 5 Favorite Themes

In this episode, Coury and Try thought it would be fun to make a list of of their personal TOP 5 first stage musical themes from the 8-bit and 16-bit generations.


  • Spent waaaaay too long making the number announcement screens. Expect to see them again on future lists.

  • This was kind of a last minute “easy” video idea for the new year. Much like most of our vids, its never as easy as you think its gonna be.

  • Coury’s new background make its first appearance.

  • Both Coury and Try shot their on camera parts in front of green screen and use their actual game collections as the background.

  • Number announcment screen is another original song by Matt McCheskey who created our theme music. This one is called “Deliverance.”

  • All game footage is at 60 fps except for Robo Aleste. Due to disappearing frames (when things disappear because they are flashing) I had to render that one at 30fps.

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