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Understanding RGB and Sync :: RGB103

What is CSYNC, Sync on Composite & Luma? Buying cables for your Framemeister can be a daunting task with all the different kinds of terminology used. Sync on Composite? Sync on Luma? CSYNC? In this episode Try and Coury tackle the dense subject to demystify RGB and Sync.


  • 20 video tracks tall due to having to manipulate multiple elements separately in some of the diagrams.

  • Glowing diagram elements were rendered separately from After Effects. Moving dotted lines for sync were created using the “Vegas” effect.

  • Backgrounds are real game captures using the Framemeister’s scanline generator

  • We learned a ton about sync while writing and editing this episode, thanks to input from Matt Buxton and Artemio Urbina, and additional information from retro_console_accessories. It was still a difficult topic for us, but the process of creating the video was a great way to learn.

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