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Space Harrier Series - Arcade Gaming Perfection (w/Game Sack)

In this episode, Coury talks about his favorite game of all time: Sega's Space Harrier... with some help from Joe from GameSack.


  • Special guest star Joe Redifer from GameSack. A huge honor.

  • Made as a goodbye to my arcade cabinet

  • Was originally planned to just cover the first game

  • Music at the end was supplied by Epic Game Music. I had this track in mind when I got the idea to shoot the cab removal.

  • Episode completed editing over a month before it was released.

  • Waited to release it because I had to get footage for post credits

  • Included as part of Boku No Eruption’s “December 2014 Advent Calendar” series.

  • Includes 60 fps footage of games that run at that speed (Arcade, PS2 and Saturn).

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