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RGB and Modern Gaming Setups :: RGB102

"What connection do you use for each console?", "Does the big SCART connector fit into that little connection on the front of the XRGB Framemeister" and "How do you have all this integrated into your setup?" will be answered in this episode.


  • We each edited our own segments this time around. We’ve never take this approach before, and resulted in a different style for each part.

  • Try had to record his segment 3 different times. First time was for a completely different subject, second time had bad audio and third time was the one.

  • The entire style of Try’s segment changed after seeing Coury’s completed segment. It was originally just a static wide shot of his setup.

  • All “rotating” consoles were shot at 60 fps.

  • The “rotating” room at the end of Coury’s segment is his favorite live action thing he’s done for any episode.

  • Barely any gameplay in this episode at all - the only real gameplay is seen on the monitors on layout diagrams.

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