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Wolf Team on the Sega CD - Road Avenger, Time Gal & More

Coury looks at Cobra Command / Road Avenger / Time Gal / Revenge of the Ninja. These games were developed by a development team know as Game Creative Staff WOLF TEAM. All 4 were ports of laser disc arcade games that were released in the mid 1980s.


  • Surprisingly quick turn around on this episode. Wrote it on Saturday, uploaded final video on Weds.

  • No clean audio exists for in game music used, so I had to take from the game intros - where there are also sound effects.

  • Road Avenger’s theme song only exists in game, you cannot acquire it anywhere else.

  • One of the easier edits because the in game events are fun to choose from.

  • Coury played Revenge of the Ninja for the first time recording footage for this video.

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