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Quartet - Arcade VS. Master System

Ever heard of Quartet by Sega? It was a side scrolling co-op shooter kinda like Contra. It was released on the Master System in 1987. It was based on a 4 player arcade game that was pretty different than the home version. Coury takes a look at both.


  • Older project, so footage is offline in this screenshot.

  • This episode was originally written to be included with the Rygar Arcade vs. Console video, but was split out once editing began and length was considered an issue.

  • Had to use MAME to capture 4 player arcade footage. Even then, its just a demo screen because I didn’t have 4 players to play with.

  • Footage from both versions of this game was captured from the Sega Ages 2500 SDI + Quartet Collection, even though I own Quartet on the Master System.

  • The Hills mentioned in this episode was the same Hills I won my local Star Fox Super Weekend competition mentioned in that episode.

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