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Time Crisis and the GunCon - The Best Light Gun series of All-Time?

Coury takes a look at the games in Namco's Time Crisis series. Ranging from the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 3 and beyond, Time Crisis is one of Namco's longest running series with entries going all the way back to 1995.


  • Started prepping for this episode back in December 2015

  • ALMOST the longest showcase on the channel, with Nintendo Power 100 just slightly edging it out.

  • Had to buy two copies of Time Crisis 2 for this episode, since my first copy wouldn’t load level 2. Thankfully its not expensive.

  • I recorded this the same day as RGB 207 - The Nintendo GameCube. I was also coming off of being sick so my voice is pretty rough here.

  • GunCon 2 is the best!

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