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Phantasy Star 2 - Disappointing Sega Sequel?

Coury talks about Phantasy Star 2 on the Sega Genesis and whether it lives up to his expectations as a follow up to one of his favorite games of all time.


  • Originally started recording this episode over a year before it came out. Unfortunately, I recorded a good amount of it in 30fps so I had to start over

  • I knew I had to use the Field Medley music from the Phantasy Star Sound Collection CD at some point in this, and thankfully I got to use both halfs.

  • The segment with the Dezoris music and the hintbook montage is one of my favorite montages I’ve ever done on the show. I’ve watched just that part several times

  • Greg Sewart from Generation 16 was great to work with. He recorded all of his own footage, even!

  • I had more motion graphics in this one than I had in awhile because the game can get boring to watch.

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