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PC-Engine Memories X.S.C. Bundle - PC-Engine CD Reproductions

PCE-Works is back with another reproduction! Coury takes a look at the PC-Engine Memories Limited X.S.C. Deluxe Bundle that includes three games. Xak III, an action RPG, Startling Odyssey II, a traditional JRPG, and Cycho Rider, a caravan shooter. THIS SET WAS RECEIVED AS A PROMOTIONAL ITEM.


  • Episode was definitely not as timely as the last video on a PCE Works set

  • Deliberately focused more on the packages this time than the games themselves. Jimmy Hapa’s Import Gaming FTW channel did a great job covering the games themselves.

  • Reverted to old way of doing episodes, only shooting certain segments on camera instead of the whole thing. Was way easier to re-record certain lines as needed.

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