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"M2: Complete Works" dives deep into the history of Japanese game developer M2, who are well known for elaborately porting retro games to modern platforms. From their humble beginnings porting Gauntlet to the Sega Genesis by eye and memory to their releases on the Nintendo Switch, M2 has been involved with some of the most iconic game series of all time.


This Blu-Ray also includes a special conversation with the ShotTriggers development team at M2, which delves into the intricacies of creating Battle Garegga Rev.2016 and bringing other arcade shooters like Dangun Feveron, Ketsui, and Sorcer Striker to modern platforms.

"M2: Complete Works" Documentary Blu-Ray

  • Main Feature: 60 Minutes (Unrated)

    Bonus Feature: 38 Minutes (Unrated)



    Subtitles: English (for Japanese), English (all), Japanese, Spanish



    Region Free

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